“When I started chiropractic care, I had 4 children all conceived with help. Four months later I was yelling at my female chiropractor— you got me pregnant! Now the mother of 6, I can tell you we see a huge difference in our immune system when we are adjusted, cold and flues don’t run through the house. It is the first place we go when we have a problem.” – Julianne Ray, Mother of Six

“I joined the MCPA to help do my part in getting the message out regarding the importance of chiropractic being part of mainstream pediatric health care. The MCPA gives the support to get the message to many more parents and healthcare providers.” – Dr. Sarah Tietsort, D.C.

“I never batted an eye.. About seeking chiropractic care for my grandson, Dominick. In less than one year, my grandson has less ear infections, increased motor skills, calmer at play,…increased attention span, better speech, attempts group active play. But the best thing is the day he yelled ’Grandma’ to me. Chiropractic care has helped him tremendously, and I am a believer.” – Susan McInnes, Grandmother of Dominick, a child with Autism

“I feel great supporting the MCPA because of their grander mission to get chiropractic care to families and children, which is so desperately needed. The doctor’s that started the MCPA are bigger than themselves, serving chiropractic and humanity. Thank you for all of your efforts.” – Dr. Ethan Childs, D.C.